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Why not smaller Platium/Ultimate bandwidth sizes ? why starting from 1 Gbps for decen

10-07-2015, 17:24
Ovh have great hardware ( support is important but marginal now, enterprise business are build to be fault tolerant in these days ) , but what keep me from moving in with my business application is the
network, network benchmarks around are great, the problems is that this is not constant during peak hours ( I have some secondary servers on ovh since years ) network is slow and this is a huge deterrent,
I see that there are bandwidth upgrades,
but those are dedicated only to streaming platform, which forum/software/website-hosting-server use 1 Gbps on a server with a single xeon cpu ?
excluding current discounts, which will last only for 2 months, the minimum good bandwidth price is 680/month per server! yes It's for 1Gbps (and relative pricing it's also ok! ) bw, but if i need only 100Mbps or 200Mbps high quality Bw ?
I must decide if pay only the server with poor overprovisioned and very low quality Bw of 500MBps.. about 100/month or spend 800/month with even more overprovisioned Bw, why you don't provide
the Ultimate Bandwidth upgrade even in smaller sizes?

And I would need 10 of those servers, with 100Mps high quality Bandwidth with about 1500/month budget
( I cannot get less than 5 servers for fault tolerance requirements and getting 5 with the minium 1Gbps high quality Bw at 680/month would costs way too much for servers that use only 200Mbps each)

I think that you will sell more of those good bandwidth upgrade which are almost a MUST HAVE for every serious application hosted on your datacenters, if these stop starting at that HUGE 1Gbps per server!