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3x 300 GB SSD Problem!

13-07-2015, 20:34
Don't select any RAID at all.
Or select RAID 0, but this is risky - failing of one drive would fail data on all others.

13-07-2015, 14:00
How do I set?

13-07-2015, 06:14
Looks like it was installed in RAID5, as the whole array space for RAID5 is 150% of the smaller disk. Have you tried reinstalling from the Manager, but selecting the appropiate array type? RAID0 could be fine for you. No array could also do the job, if you preffer to have independent storage spaces.

13-07-2015, 04:55

I took delivery server, 3x 300GB SSD form.
but it seems VMware capacity 552 GB.
3x want to be in the form of 300GB, what am I doing wrong?

I want to be as 3x300gb!