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I need a reply OVH staff! What is going on?

14-07-2015, 00:16
i already posted in the previous thread marks...that the saturation every day is causing my speeds to drop below 50MB/sec is obvious from the screenshot..MTR wud be posted if i had packet loss..i am not having packet loss..i am having speed issues when saturation from that switch is above 90% which happens every can ready my ticket for details..i am pissed..not at your the incompetency of ovh and ovh techs not to fix a simple issue..the saturation is the issue not my server

13-07-2015, 18:53
well, every server has a paid of switches to connect to the internet (in your screenshot, that's on the right).

in any case , do you have any higher latency? are you notice any issue? does an MTR shows any problem?


13-07-2015, 15:11
turbanator: Sorry to jump in on your thread but how do you determine which switch you are going through? I'm just getting a couple of EGs for voip traffic and I'm already becoming a little worried, not least by the failure of OVH to give you any decent follow up.


13-07-2015, 14:18
My ticket number is 2111018 -> My server is in Switch: sw.106.248/117/1/24 so clearly it can be seen..that the link is red.. at 93%

this is vss-5a-6k it has been going for days..and all the ticket said we will have an engineer look into it..takes 2 weeks to look into it? No updates on either about the saturation..

I have already posted a thread here regarding this. Ticket is approaching 4 weeks. Blatantly being just ignored!...

I will keep posting this same info till ovh staff decide to not ignore a customers problem.