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New distribution: Technical Preview of Proxmox 4.0 beta

14-07-2015, 10:14

After the release of Debian 8.0 "Jessie" a few months back, the Proxmox team has announced the release of the first public beta of Proxmox VE 4.0.

After popular request, itís now available as a Technical Preview (for testing) from the OVH Control Panel and OVH API, on reinstallation of OVH, So you Start and Kimsufi dedicated servers.

A summary of the new features:
- Based on Debian 8 ďJessieĒ
- Some kernel updates
- New HA Manager in the web interface to simplify the management of the Proxmox high availability cluster
- Support for Linux Containers (LXC), compatible with all the latest kernels
- Support for DRDB9, the very latest version of DRDB
- NB: as there is a shortage of CEPH packets for Debian 9, this feature isnít currently available on PVE 4
- NB2: the latest kernels donít support OpenVZ. If you want to use OpenVZ, we advise you to stick with Proxmox VE 3, which will be supported until at least April 2016.

Please check out the official roadmap for a more detailed overview of Proxmox VE 4.0:

All beta installations can be updated to 4.0 stable once available. Until then, this beta version is recommended for testing only.

Don't hesitate to leave any questions or feedback here.