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Migrating IPv6 block to a different server?

18-07-2015, 15:27
Hello. The IPv6 block (/64) is fixed to the server, as is the main server IPv4 address, so there's no way to move it to another server. Also, there's no IPv4 equivalent to IPv4 FO.

The other option, on getting your own IPv6 block from RIPE, won't do. I've read previous messages from OVH staff saying that it's not possible to route IPs from other owners to OVH datacenters. It is really possible, but it's also understandable that a large company as OVH will not matter about such requirements.

So, currently, if you change to a new server, you will need to reconfigure your server, including any VM, to use the new prefix assigned. If you want a IPv6 prefix which you won't lose when you move to a new server, you may want to check on . It's free, and may fullfill your requirements.

OVH guys are really getting late with IPv6. It's good they do offer IPv6 included with the servers, but they should also offer some more alternatives, such as WHOIS customization, IPv6 FO, IPv6 vRack, etc.

18-07-2015, 04:58
I've been looking all over and I can't find any mention of how to move an IPv6 block to a different server, or any existence of an IPv6 version of the IPv4 FailOver IPs. Does this exist at all?

If the answer is "get your own IPv6 block from RIPE" then any pointers on how to go about doing that and getting OVH to handle the routing ?