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No loyalty discount?

27-07-2015, 16:11
OVH style ... https://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.p...ll=1#post72849

24-07-2015, 00:41
Well, it's been 4 days and there is no answer to my ticket at all. Now seriously if this would have been fixed instead of bugged I wouldn't even had to use the dead slow support.

20-07-2015, 18:57
Did that, Ticket #2015072019054893

20-07-2015, 18:44

Please contact support directly regarding this.



20-07-2015, 17:42
So a year ago I have renewed my server for 12 months and received the 3 months discount according to the loyalty program https://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.p...vers-Goes-Live

Since my service expires soon I am trying to renew it again for 6 months and I should get 1 month discount, however the discount doesn't seem to apply at all. I have tried paying for 12 months too but still not discount. It gives me the full price. Any idea on what's wrong?