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New ordered ips are blacklisted..

30-07-2015, 22:09
Some more details for such cases:

There are some emotions, sorry for them, author of the topic was all hulk-style angry so I reacted the same.

21-07-2015, 23:44
They will not change the IPs, but for most of the important blacklists, the IPs will be delisted after some time without sending SPAM, or you will get the option to delist with no cost.

Unfortunately, OVH, as any large ISP can't be up to date on their IPs on all blacklists, as they are a lot of blacklists out there.

21-07-2015, 23:30
I just ordered three ips but they are all blacklisted in many lists and have "unlocked" status next to them. Can you please change to to clean ones. - -