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Tickets disappearing and no solutions offered

07-08-2015, 19:52
Hey Dani,

Thanks for getting back to me.
The SYS helpdesk came through and fixed the issue somewhere around 17:50 CET.

Can you give some insight in the ticketting system used by SYS as the ticket I orginally raised vanished only to reappear in "Open" when the issue was resolved.


06-08-2015, 18:20

I have just checked your server and some of the IP responds to ping such as the IP ending with 217, however other IP within the block doesn't respond to ping.

Another IP on a different IP block ending with 78 doesn't ping.

It appears that maybe some of the IP isn't configured correctly on the server.



06-08-2015, 17:15
Not the first time I see a SYS user having problems with FO IPs. Apparently, this is a common issue on SYS, however not on OVH. I suggested some time ago it may be a bug in the SYS backend, maybe it's changing the vMAC by mistake. But until now, no action has been taken. Something that worked for other users(may or may not work for you) is deleting the vMAC and creating it again.

06-08-2015, 15:01


2 weeks ago several of my failover ip's went dark for no reason.
No config changes on the VM's or the VMAC's.

Created a ticket, this went unanswered for 5 days untill I called phone support. Told them the issue and it was resolved in a matter of hours after the phone call. My ticket then disappeared from the control panel.

Yesterday I had the same issue. No connectivity on any of my failover ip's, only the principal IP responds. Still no change in config.
Created a ticket, called phone support to notify them there's a ticket (I didn't get an email, so I figured support didn't get it either). Support said they'd pick it up, ticket disappears again. However, no solution this time around.

In 15 minutes my servers will be offline for 24h. I've called phone support 3 times today to ask for an update (because my ticket is gone) and 5 minutes ago they told me the ticket hasn't even been picked up yet.

Can someone please look into my account and provide me with an answer to these questions (and also please resolve them :-) )
1. Why are my tickets disappearing
2. Why are the routes to my FO ip's disappearing