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16 Free IPS? Where?

26-08-2015, 17:03
No worries Danny, it's sorted.

Put it down to bad info - just wish I could delete the thread. How embarassing.

26-08-2015, 14:49

The first 16 IP will be free on a monthly basis but there is an initial setup fee for each IP.

The 17th IP onwards will be charged on a monthly basis.

Can you provide me with your customer ID. I can check this for you.



26-08-2015, 14:30
Last month I ordered and paid for 4 additional IPs for my E3-SAT-3 server. Last week I got charged on my invoice for the 4 additional IPs.

What have I done wrong? I understand an initial setup charge but for free items to be charged monthly? Something's wrong.