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21-10-2015, 09:06
You need to put up security on your servers.

18-09-2015, 13:54
That's what happens a lot in servers now days, people/bots will try to breach your server.

Just ensure you've fully secured SSH, install something such as fail2ban and also change your SSH port.

18-09-2015, 10:04
Why is ip attempting to connect to my ovh server?

Time: Fri Sep 18 08:20:04 2015 +0100
IP: (FR/France/
Failures: 2 (sshd)
Interval: 3600 seconds
Blocked: Permanent Block

DNS server (NS record) ( (

Log entries:
Sep 18 08:18:49 xxxxxxx sshd[22978]: refused connect from (
Sep 18 08:20:00 xxxxxxx sshd[23047]: refused connect from (