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Just as you're thinking OVH is getting better.....

20-09-2015, 13:06
I have a server expiring over the weekend and I'm going away for a few days so renew as usual and get off on my way.

Start to enjoy my weekend and notice the following email sent on Friday afternoon:-

Dear Customer,

We have received your payment corresponding to the order no. 42883007 and we would like to thank you for choosing OVH services.

For your security, we need to check the information that you have provided to us and especially the information related to the billing contact.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to provide us within 24 hours the following documents to enable us to validate your order:

If this order is placed for an individual:
- a copy of your ID (passport, driving licence)
- a copy of the credit card, obscuring all but the last four credit card numbers for your security
- a proof of address (utility bill)

Please send us these documents within 24 hours.

Its now Sunday and the server is suspended. Being as I'm away, looks likely this one will be lost along with all the data on it. Thankfully, it was just for a community opensource project.

I could understand this if this was a new account but it has been in use since at least 2013.