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Possible to move ip from sys to ovh?

22-09-2015, 23:25
No, you can't move IPs between OVH and SYS servers. You can only move IPs (both spare & blocks) from SYS to OVH servers, but NOT from OVH to SYS. That way, it's intended as a way to move your IPs to a new server when you upgrade from a mid-end server (SYS) to a high-end one (OVH).

The following restrictions apply:

- You can only move IPs between servers of the same country. That is, if your SYS server is located in FR, you can only move the IPs assigned to that server to an OVH server located in FR, not to one located in CA.
- You cannot move the default IP of each server (the one included with the server).
- You cannot move IPv6 blocks. Currently, IPv6 blocks are fixed to each server.

22-09-2015, 21:58
I see an option when moving an ip between sys server that second option is ovh service. So If I get an server from ovh, can I move ip between these services? As far as I know, it is not possible.