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OVH Dedicated Servers - Game range MC-32

23-09-2015, 18:05
Not sure why OVH restricts OS availability on some servers, but, if Windows is not available on that model, it will simply won't be available, even with your own license key. You can try the option HostRange says, installing from rescue, which you will be able to find from the KS forums. However, I'm not sure if that's allowed by TOS.

Proxmox or any other hypervisor can be a good option. The connection problems you had may be due to a bad configuration. Almost any software piece can be installed under the OS on a physical or virtualized environment. If you need assistance with Proxmox configuration, I may be able to help you on that; if you need so, contact me via Skype.

23-09-2015, 17:16
There are red x next to Windows. You need to either pay for a key or use one of your own SPLA keys (you can add them under license tab in the manager)

Does these come with IPMI? If so then you can install through that or boot into rescue mode and follow one of the guides on installing Windows through rescue mode (posted on Kimsufi forums)

23-09-2015, 15:37
i Buy MC-32 from OVH.. my Problem is the Windows server 2008 missing from the setup list.

my Game work only with mssql and all know i can not use with Linux version.
i try to setup with Proxmox but we have problem with pakets loss + many disconects on windows server 2008 ( also i need dedicate windows setup and not virtual box)

My question on OVH Staff: Can i use my own windows server 2008 licency for MC-32?