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Begging for any support. Waiting for 6 days now!!

27-09-2015, 00:40
That is fine, I accept that I have to set everything up.

These domains were being served fine since May, no issues, no high usage, no complaints. Then out of the blue they are removed from the OVH manager, not my plesk server but the OVH manager.

I did use the old manager to setup the DNS of the domains and there should have been no reason for them to be removed.

I would like to repeat these were not removed from the server in anyway, the server is unaffected and still online. It was OVH's system that removed the domains not the server, not me and not an attacker.

I can handle having to set up my server or fix things that have gone wrong but to have to fix issues created by OVHs system when they do nothing for more than a week is not something I am willing to pay for.

Either way I feel this is starting to go round in circles so I'll probably leave it there.

26-09-2015, 21:14
Mate, that's all very stressful, I agree, but just accept that with OVH you have to do everything yourself or pay them. If this is about just adding domains, I advise to use your old OVH control panel, it will work better (and you will be able to see these domains in your 'new look' control panel). If you need a total solution and are eager to simplify the stuff, just re-install your server to cPanel (license can be purchased independently, if OVH does not sell them, I am not certain) and enjoy. WHM panel will do the job.

26-09-2015, 14:14
By support I mean an explanation of why my settings in my OVH manger were removed after being explicitly told they would not be. The issue is not with my server at all, it was their system that removed my domain settings from their OVH manager system, I cannot control this at all.

But yeah that is great I cannot expect a response for a simple question within a week.

Well my latest "support ticket" (yeah weirdly despite supporting their service they still call them support tickets) was also removed without so much as a message stating that they do not provide support.

This is just crazy.

I guess me paying up for 6 months is not enough, looks like I'm just going to have to write that off as a bad investment and make sure I don't ever give them a single penny again.

Agent Smith
26-09-2015, 14:00
here is no such thing as support.
If you think that there is a problem from OVH side you should open an incident ticket and if the problem is related to OVH, it will be resolved for free.

You ca not expect support for unmanaged service.

26-09-2015, 13:57
Finally after 7 days of waiting I get a response, asking a question that was fully explained in my very first support ticket last week.

After explaining it again I get another response informing me of what the issue is and then the whole support ticket is deleted. Not closed but deleted so I cannot respond to that I now have to open another ticket and explain everything again.

What I am being told is the reason for them being deleted is something that I actually phoned support about months ago and was assured that under no circumstances would this happen.

26-09-2015, 13:30
In fact I just checked now and my freaking support ticket has been closed without any response from staff whatsoever.

How in the hell is this deemed acceptable service?

26-09-2015, 13:29
Well that is a real shame that this just happens to be how their support is.

I did try re-adding the domains but there was something along the way stopping it from being able to add them.

All I can say is luckily I have other servers elsewhere where I was able to set the domains and websites up elsewhere within a day, had I decided to take them at their word and wait even the 24 hours for a call from the admin staff I would have had even more downtime than was necessary.

I just thought I would update that it has now been more than 7 full days and I have yet to get even a reply from any support ticket or any contact from the support / admin staff whatsoever.

7 whole days of no service now.

26-09-2015, 12:22
Terrible story. Did you try adding these domains again? I think, this is the best what you could do about the situation. As for the support, yes, I totally agree: my first experience with OVH was similarly stressful. In fact, there is no real support unless you pay for it. Hosting cost explains everything, they are below minimum.

24-09-2015, 18:20
On Saturday morning I woke up to find half a dozen domains simply removed from my ovh manager, no warning, no over use, no arrears on the account. Everything is in good standing and the VPS the domains are hosted on is barely being used (domains are all low traffic).

These domains just had their settings removed from my ovh manager so therefore none of the DNS was resolving to the server. My domains, databases and settings are still there on the VPS and have no issue running but the domains setting were removed from the ovh manager.

This was all of the domains except 1, a day or two later even this 1 remaining domains was also removed without any kind of warning or reason.

So my first port of call was to call support, I found out that support in the UK is 9am-6pm Monday to Friday so strictly speaking they wouldn't normally provide support so I called a different number than the server support to try and get some kind of reason for why this has happened, as it is a major issue affecting numerous domains I figured the least I could get would be a reason.

So the guy explained that a member of the support staff would be in touch on Monday, 2 days later. No service for 2 whole days without any kind of support. Not good imo. I protested that a 2 day wait with no service at all is not acceptable and he then said he would arrange for a member of the admin team to get in touch within 24 hours.

Obviously this never happened, I was never contacted by phone or email by any member of support or admin within 24 hours. I also was not contacted on Monday about this either. I had already sent in a support ticket asking why this has happened and waited patiently till Monday before writing again.

I got no response from anyone by Tuesday so I sent another reply to the support ticket and tried calling support. All day I called and got the busy ring tone every time I called.

This is all just crazy so I figured I will leave another response (Tuesday evening) mentioning that I deserve a least a response, yet I got no response.

I did not have any time to bother myself with what is looking like a colossal waste of time yesterday or today so I figured I would wait and see if I actually got a response from the support team and yet now it is approaching the end of Thursday and have yet to even have a courtesy reply to a support ticket filed on Saturday. I have also not received this mythical contact from the admin team that I was promised would be made by Sunday morning.

I now am left with just 2 questions:
1) What happened to my domain settings, why were they removed?
2) Is this what is to be expected of support from ovh? Aka do you ignore everyone that has any kind of issue?