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new order server hardware problem order number 2156859

27-09-2015, 22:49
How do you know it's 'damaged'? Use the rescue mode to run tests.

The server may not necessarily be broken, more than likely just a backend/control panel issue. I believe I had this issue before with a SYS server, and after attempting to install multiple times it eventually just worked.

Support don't work weekends hence why you haven't received a response to your ticket today.

27-09-2015, 22:24
i have more then 20 dedicated server
this server is damaged and i open a ticket morning and no any one answer

27-09-2015, 19:23
This is not the official support channel. You should open a ticket from the Manager, so the techs can give it a look.

BTW, the evidence you post doesn't means the server is damaged. It could just be a bug in the backend, which fails to complete your server's installation.

27-09-2015, 18:26
Pleas know this serve damaged please Repair this server
see video

27-09-2015, 15:58
my account je300073-sys
order number 2156859

to day i make new order rder number 2156859

and i receive this server : ns519011.ip but when i try to install new system no think done