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Support have left the building

01-10-2015, 22:56
This is just crazy. They are now charging 20 EUR extra for my server and still the same support?

I will be looking for another provider. Get the company running like a company should run before you start releasing new ranges and pushing up the prices. We need better support.

29-09-2015, 22:21
lucky you, been waiting a few days for my ticket to get a reply..

29-09-2015, 13:04
As soon as I opened a ticket, they replied.

Maybe they need more staff?

29-09-2015, 11:17
I know someone who opened a ticket about their VPS last week..... Yet to receive a reply........ OVH can't even reply for their own services!

29-09-2015, 11:07
You'd be better off opening a ticket rather than responding to the email directly, I believe.

29-09-2015, 09:21
So, I renewed my servers last week, the day after I received an expiration email (weird) stating that a server will be expiring on the 01/10 and on the 01/11. yesterday I received the same email and decided to reply to that email around this time..... 24 hours later, no reply.

So, no matter if you have a KS, SYS or OVH server, the support is the same, slow.. Why? Seriously, why?

The Manager states the correct expiration dates but I only wanted to query as to why I received 2 different expiry dates.