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Hyper-V 2012 only available on Sys-IP4 and above

30-09-2015, 00:52
Why is Hyper-V2012 only available on Sys-IP4 and above?

Hyper-V 2008 is available on all server types.

I have a Sys-IP1 - with Hyper-V 2012 installed. Its been a great experience. Is it still available as an image to install on all SYS servers?

I'm considering getting a Sys-IP2 shortly, but would only consider it if Hyper-V 2012 is an option.

Anyone know why is isn't listed?

If I needed to reinstall my existing Sys-IP1 would I be able to re install Hyper-V 2012 of will it not be available as an option. As mentioned I've run a SYs-IP1 for over a year with no major problems. It certainly used to be an option.