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Pointing DNS domain name of the host with the host

10-10-2015, 09:06
Finish all before you signed a hosting package and has information about the host and, especially StableHost DNS address to us can point at Godaddy domain purchase on. Continue this article, I will guide you change the DNS domain name on Godaddy DNS addresses of suppliers StableHost to the domain can run on their host. This is a very basic tutorial so you can apply the same with the other hosting provider, as long as you get the DNS address of the host supplier.

To point out the name of the host domain, you must make sure your host package has been added to the domain name. At registration StableHost tutorial, I have used the domain name "" is the primary domain for the package which is now his hosts will point to the DNS domain name of StableHost You can also add another domain on this later, but I'd much at all usage instructions and hosts using cPanel.

First, you need to access the administration page you need to point the domain name at Godaddy (or a certain supplier that you are managing the domain name). Continue to wordpress theme for videos