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14-10-2015, 17:36
Hi all,

Over the last few weeks I've sent four emails to complaining about large amounts of spam originating from quite a few email addresses that are managed by OVH.
I've requested a response from OVH that my complaint has been received and will be worked on, but I have got nothing back and the spam is instead significantly increasing in volume.
I've emailed, but that was rejected. I've used a web form to contact OVH on a commercial matter, and that seemed to go nowhere too.

It cannot be that a company of the size of OVH is ignoring a clear breach of security to allow the registering of multiple domains specifically and purely for spam.
If OVH don't act on this complaint, those shared IP addresses will quickly become blacklisted and toxic, and legitimate users will start to suffer blacklisting on shared addresses!

I realise this is a forum for users, but I really don't know where else to go!
Please can someone direct me to someone who will actually respond to me and deal with this issue.

Example email addresses on spam received since last Friday. All addresses below are owned and managed by OVH.
From Email received from (in message source) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([]) ([])

Initially this spam was being sent to email addresses on a website that I administer. Now it is being sent to me directly. At first it was one email every few days. Now it is five or size every day, and it is getting ever larger. All emails are in French.
Please, please help stop this incessant barrage of French spam being sent to my email address!!!
It is both annoying and against EU law.