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Broken/failed RAID controller. Unacceptable support.

27-10-2015, 11:11
Quote Originally Posted by Smally1997
should still be people in the data centres and dealing with hardware failure.
Have you had the pleasure speaking to a technician? Their English isn't that good..... If you open one, tickets take days to be acknowledged.

Saying that, the UK office should be open on a Saturday, not sure why it has never been.

26-10-2015, 18:42
Has this been resolved? Although the contact center was closed there should still be people in the data centres and dealing with hardware failure.

22-10-2015, 00:13
Quote Originally Posted by Andy
Doesn't look like UK support is active on the forum any more. I haven't seen any posts from them in weeks.

haha, holiday season, pre Xmas shopping is great on Oxford street, boss in France asked to do some great shopping for his family and relatives, what do expect? on serious note just phone them up and the issue moved one step closer to resolve.

19-10-2015, 13:13
Doesn't look like UK support is active on the forum any more. I haven't seen any posts from them in weeks.

18-10-2015, 13:17
Also, can anyone please explain why the INCIDENT phone number listed here: DOESN'T work 24/7 and has a message for Office hours, Monday to Friday?

It is supposed that this number is 24/7 for emergency and nobody answers there. The message says to call another number for incidents THAT DOESN'T EXISTS.

Can anyone explain how support is done? Nobody answers the INCIDENT ticket for over 24H and NOBODY answers the phone calls. How are we supposed to be supported on a HARDWARE issue that is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to fix?

18-10-2015, 10:16

I have the exact same problem with a broken RAID controller. It is over 16H that I have opened a INCIDENT ticket and no-one has replied. Can anyone advise on how OVH handles this? We have already a major downtime and nobody has answered.

The INCIDENT ticket number is 2015101719022819.

14-10-2015, 20:58
Hi! Thanks for replying!

Yes, the one I opened 20 hours ago says "Report an incident" in the category column. One of the support representatives also created another ticket (about ~6 hours ago), and said that he had given it "the highest priority", but that ticket has an empty category column. However the support rep said that the ticket would go to the technicians.

14-10-2015, 20:46
Are you sure the support tickets that you have opened are incident tickets? Standard support tickets go to support staff, not datacenter Technicians.

14-10-2015, 20:36

About 20 hours ago my server (an MG-256) suddenly stopped responing, and after a hard reboot it didn't come back up. After connecting to it in rescue mode, I found that something was seriously wrong with the RAID controller.

/dev/sda is completely gone.
When running MegaCli -AdpCount it says that Controller Count is 0.
When running lspci it says nothing about the RAID controller (when I run the same command on another MG-256 server that I have, it lists the RAID controller).
Here is a screenshot showing this:

All this happened without me changing anything what so ever, so it definitely seems to be a hardware error.

I created a support ticket pretty much immediately when it happened (~20 hours ago), describing the problem, but I still haven't heard anything back. I called the support 10 hours ago (when they opened) and was then told that a technician would look at it, and that it would probably be solved within a couple of hours. Since then I've called the support multiple times, and every time I've been told that a technician would look at it within a few hours. 5-6 hour ago, when I called the support again, I was told by the support representative that he had created a new ticket with the highest priority, but as far as I know, no one hasn't even looked at it!

Before the Ireland support closed 1.5 hours ago, I was given a new number to the Canadian OVH support. I called them a couple of minutes ago, but was told that they wouldn't help me because my account was with the Irish division.

It's extremely important that this server gets fixed as soon as possible. I find it unacceptable that you don't have technicians who can deal with problems that are obviously hardware related within 20 hours of getting notified of them.

Your own website states the following about SLA:

"Level 2 with personalised diagnostic
Example: Abnormal service operation (excluding software configuration)
Intervention (GIT) 12 hours"

This is obviously a lie, and you should update your website accordingly.

It really really REALLY important to me that this server gets fixed. After all, I pay you >€1000 / month, and I don't think it's unreasonable to expect you to fix hardware problems within the time that you state on your website.

So could someone PLEASE fix my server. Thank you!

The relevant support ticket numbers are: #2015101419032288, #2015101319076939, #2015101419000142