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extra IPs for VPS proxy...

16-10-2015, 19:29
IP FO can be used in several ways:

- Multiple IPs on the same interface. In this case, there will always be a default IP, but applications(both client and server) can choose to use a specific IP either for outbound our inbound traffic.
- Only one IP on the NIC, but with OpenVPN or similar along with IPtables rules which makes some kind of NAT. This is specially useful when your ISP doesn't offers you a public static IP.
- If you have a full server, you can have multiple VMs, each one with a different IP.

However, there's a restriction, both for servers & VPS: you can only have FO IPs from the continent your server/VPS is located. That is, if your server/VPS is located in one of OVH French datacenters, you can get FO IP geolocated in ES, GB, FR, PL, IT, PT, and some more, but you cannot get FO IPs geolocated in CA or US; same way, if your server/VPS is located in OVH CA datacenters, you will only be able to get FO IPs geolocated in CA or US, not from european countries. The only exception to this rule is when using vRack on the serve ranges which support it, having servers in both CA & FR, and assigning IP blocks to a VLAN; but I've never tried it.

Switching between outbound IPs depend on the software you use. Squid, for example, has a configuration param which allows you to set the outbound IP, so you can have multiple Squid instances with different outbound IP. Other proxy software can or not support similar or better features.

Just a note. Open proxies are forbidden by OVH TOS. Private proxies are not a real problem.

16-10-2015, 16:59
Geo Located IPs means that the IPs appeared as located in the country, not the server itself. The server itself would be located where you choose whilst ordering, regardless of the IP locations.

All geo located IPs can be used like normal IPs.

16-10-2015, 14:53
I currently have a VPS, but am considering the switch to OVH. I use it for 2 things - hosting a couple of small sites and as a UK proxy (I live on the continent nowadays).

Now, I spotted the geolocated IPs and wondered whether I can setup a multi country proxy US & UK would be excellent. So, the question really is: are the geo-located IPs inbound only or can they be used for outbound traffic too? If so, any idea on how I'd switch between the outbound IPs (Ubuntu 14.04)?