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DDoS protection on VPS?

04-07-2016, 08:41
You can contact or send direct email to PureVPN for DDOS protection.
Also, you can get DDoS protection service with low cost.

17-10-2015, 13:38
Yes, VPS uses the same DDoS Protection as the Dedicated Servers.

17-10-2015, 03:43
I was wondering if the DDoS protection on the VPS is of the same caliber of your dedicated servers? People are using services like this one and are spamming my website with junk traffic and so far only OVH has been able to keep up and filter out (most) of the garbage traffic and only let the good visitors pass.

This was on a dedicated server, but for added redundancy, we are getting 12 VPS servers instead in the next month and wanted to know if the DDoS protection from these booter services and stresser services is available.

Thanks for the info and looking forward to your responses.