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19-10-2015, 13:11
As someone who was quite loyal to OVH I also left due to lack of support when I needed it. I'm now much happier elsewhere and I'm paying much less too. Sad really because OVH has the potential to be even more brilliant than they are already if they'd just pay more attention to the customers needs.

17-10-2015, 17:55

I felt the need to write a feedback thread to provide feedback as a fairly long term customer of OVH, who is now leaving.

To give some context, I am a website designer and I have been running two small hobby websites with reasonably low traffic on OVH since early 2011, with a couple of MX plans and shared hosting.

Over that time, it has been my experience that customer service via the ticket system is incredibly slow. Fairly simple requests for information have often taken two or three days, and on occasion the replies have not actually contained the information requested, they almost seemed like scripted responses in some cases.

When the MX plan I was on was updated to provide more storage, I had to manually ask for the extra storage, it didn't happen automatically, and indeed two email addresses on that account still have the original storage. I just couldn't bring myself to go through the ticket system again.

I am aware that telephone support is Monday to Friday, but that also appears to be true of the ticket system too (at least that is how it appears to me). A simple request for a EEP / Authentifaction code to transfer a domain away from OVH submitted nine hours ago has yet to receive a response, and I fully expect that I won't hear anything until Monday or Tuesday.

The recent changes to the control panel system are frankly baffling and as far as I can tell, allow less control for users. It displays very poorly in Safari and on IOS devices, and I find the app to be a very limited affair. Access to the old Control Panel is welcome, but that now seems to be somewhat buggy in my experience. It just feels poorly thought out.

My shared hosting is fast and from that stand point, I cannot complain and the uptime seems quite reliable.

I must admit, that the hobby sites I run on OVH don't get a great deal of attention from myself, but looking at what I am paying for, the questionable quality of the customer support and disappointing backend, I can get 24/7 support and similar hosting for less money with email privileges the same of better than the OVH MX plans for free or certainly much less. I have several other similar websites with other hosting companies and the comparison between price and quality of support is very noticeable.

Please understand, I am not writing this thread as a complaint. It is simple feedback, as a customer who has used some of your services for nearly five years.