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Changing the system hard reboot ETA?

19-10-2015, 20:21
If they don't provide it, then there is no official ETA. However, considering the operation seems really simple, I think it should not take longer than 15 minutes.

But, if you have doubts on that, your better option is to call them, they may be able to give you further information.

19-10-2015, 17:56
Dear customer,

To improve your remote reboot system
and to offer an optimal service,
we must proceed to the replacement of this one.

This operation will take place on friday, october at 6:00AM.

This operation will run in 3 steps:
- Your server will be stopped by our technicians (Software reboot).
- We replace equipment for remote reboot.
- We restart the server.

The operation will be managed by our present team
No action is required from your part
If you want more information about this procedure please contact the support

Is there any ETA on this?