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GAME-2 Server Windows OVER KVM is it possible?

20-10-2015, 13:38
You could always install Linux on the bare metal and then install and run Windows in a virtual machine. Since your server won't be doing any GPU stuff this will have very little performance impact and indeed will provide you with added security and backup options.

19-10-2015, 23:29
That's something on OVH/SYS that is a real problem. They disable Windows on some servers on which Windows would run without problem, su I asume they disable it just because they want. That means you will never get Windows installed on the server with OVH/SYS assistance. The KVM by itself won't help really much, because you won't have the Windows Installation DVD on the server.

However, that gave me an idea. If you order a USB stick for your server, you can prepare it as a bootable Windows Installation USB Stick; then, you will be able to use KVM to boot from the USB stick, and install Windows that way. You must disable monitoring on the Manager, so your server will not be constantly rebooted for not sending monitoring data. This is a somehow cheap option, as the 16 GB USB Stick costs only €29 setup, with no monthly fee.

Another option, even cheaper, is to use some disk images that you may find on KS forums, which are used to install Windows on KS servers. They claim to work on some SYS servers too, so you can give it a try.

However, I don't know if this is a violation of the TOS; I'd recommend to read the TOS carefully to ensure this is not forbidden(installing an OS they don't offer for your server, or installing Windows without a license offered by OVH/SYS, or validated by them).

About the license, I think the 180 days period is not a trial period, it's just a grace period to activate Windows. But you can activate Windows, being or not in the 180 days period, using a legit & valid product key. Obviously, you won't be able to get a license from OVH/SYS, so you should get one yourself. And you should get a full license(pay once and own it forever); The kind of license which allows you to pay monthly is the SPLA, but it's only for service providers(dedicated, VPS, and some other cases), so that won't apply on you.

19-10-2015, 23:04

-----MY QUESTION IS-----
I see there is no option for Windows in SoYouStart game series servers.
I wonder what's the problem something wrong with the hardware or???

I see that we can add KVM, and planning to install windows myself.
What I want to know if there is some kind of driver problems or any other problem from OVH's side?
Is it allowed to so?

And finally about the Windows License, I think I can't get it from the SYS panel since my server is marked as not supporting windows.
Do you know of a website who sell some cheap licenses or lease it or is it okay to use 180day trial thing and than get a full license without having to reinstall the os?

Thank you in advance.