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So I have ordered a new server - payment accepted - and no server?

22-10-2015, 21:58
Quote Originally Posted by artyom
Just meant that Ps part as a joke m8, don't be so serious.
(thought the smiley would help signify that... oh well)
You'd be surprised how many people would make such a comment, seriously.

22-10-2015, 21:33
Just meant that Ps part as a joke m8, don't be so serious.
(thought the smiley would help signify that... oh well)

22-10-2015, 21:22
Kimsufi and SoYouStart are separate brands, you wouldn't get a different server instead. If you didn't want it any more you'd have to cancel the server and get a refund, then purchase a new server.

22-10-2015, 17:22
Sorry Neil to bother you, and I really don't want to appear impatient.
But it's almost weekend. You sure they are going to be there before weekend?
(I mean, the OVH/SYS/KS team does not work on weekends.)

Thank you in advance.
Ps.: I would be fine with a KS4/KS5 for the same price, it's not like I am not ready to make compromises. :')
On the SYS, well, an SP64 with 3x300gb soft or hard?
I mean, it's like a fair deal ... almost.

22-10-2015, 12:54
Turns out due to "human error" I and no doubt others didn't get their order, shame it took 3 days to let people know! nothing on the forum or in email for 3 days is a bit poor.

20-10-2015, 18:13

For order 44020888 it is all okay and is just waiting on a server, should be completed later this week and the same for 44021043.


20-10-2015, 17:38
Ah okay, thank you spamenigma.
Well I used a notifier, and then it included a direct link, so I did not check that.
Also I tried to be fast as possible, because I already missed several servers.

By the way - if any OVH staff lurks around here - thanks for the Kimsufi verification.
(Although I was able to complete my payment, the order is still on the way. Oh well, better than nothing.)
Let's hope our money is not lost. (Should have used Paypal for both orders though, lol!)

20-10-2015, 17:24
I've ordered also, It did show on the site '10 days' during yesterday rather than the common 120seconds. Assume its legit as I would have expected to be informed otherwise by now.

20-10-2015, 00:18
I mean there was an E3-SSD4 today available in the EU, so the website told me.
Placed my order as fast as possible, and paid the money.
Received a reply from Paypal, then from OVH that my money is processed.

And... there is no server. ?

Like I had a server already at SYS, I did the same steps - logged in, place order, pay, and then I received the server details.
Of course not instantly, but pretty fast.
The server is not crucial, I am just wondering if my money is lost, or if I did a step wrong, or what happened.

Order No: 44020888

Ps.: Anyone knows if Kimsufi purges old logins?
Had an account there, validated. Waiting for a KS server to become free.
Now I had a chance, but the system rejected my previously perfect account.
Had to re-register, but it says my email is taken (so I used a new one).
Recover password option - with the old account - of course, lol - did not work.

So now I am waiting for the validation again, and my order will be invalid by tomorrow.
Seriously though, it's nerve-wrecking.
> wait for long weeks, months
> the account system sabotages my attempt to finally order a machine

Order no: 44021043
(I have sent the validation details, but I have a working SYS account too.
Too bad I cannot complete my purchase with that.)