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difference between soyoustart and ovh?

03-11-2015, 18:14
Quote Originally Posted by dano1066
From what I read on both sites the bandwidth is 250 for both
All ranges at OVH have 500Mbps, except from the 'GAME' Range which does have 250Mbps, like SYS.

02-11-2015, 22:06
From what I read on both sites the bandwidth is 250 for both

21-10-2015, 03:08
Just to complement what Criot says: SYS servers have 250 Mbps bandwidth, including OVH, Inbound, and Outbound. OVH servers have different bandwidth: all have(at least) 1 Gbps to OVH, 1 Gbps Inbound, and 500 Mbps Outbound (except 2016 Hosting ranges, which have only 250 Mbps Outbound). Also, most of OVH servers have bandwidth upgrades.

20-10-2015, 20:53
Bandwidth limit on OVH servers is generally 500Mbps with 1Gbps burst, where as SYS is 250Mbps. I'm certain this is just outbound, inbound on OVH servers is 1Gbps but I'm not too sure as to whether or not that is the case with SYS, inbound with SYS may be limited to 250Mbps.

20-10-2015, 18:41
i want to know the bandwidth/network difference btw these two brands
Specifically if there are any difference when it comes to internet downloading files from sys/ovh servers
are they both 1gbps port?