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Process randomly being killed

21-10-2015, 17:21
So this is only a problem I've had on the VPS's with OVH. I'm currently using the top end Cloud VPS
Ram / CPU usage isn't the issue, that stays low. But every now and then, the whole server gets killed. No crash report is generated. Screen just seems to kill the whole server. Nothing comes up when I look in the server log, even that just says it's stopped. The chat roll just finishes. It then does auto restart after 5 seconds, as the script tells it to

(This is the script:
Just so you know, I'm using KCauldron, as I have on other hosts, running Madpack 3 Beta 7.1, in case that might have anything to do with it

I've had a lot of players leave because of this, and it's starting to get really annoying