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URGENT! Payment failed!

06-11-2015, 00:50
Make sure the money is in your account and make a manual payment to prevent suspension. If the payment is paid then I believe they would not automatically attempt to take the payment again.

Someone correct me if I am wrong, although from experience I have not found this to be an issue.

26-10-2015, 18:41
It sounds silly but as stated above check the money was available to come out, and as stated your best to phone to them.

23-10-2015, 13:48
Have you tried making a payment manually instead?

23-10-2015, 13:43
Forum is not an official support channel. Call OVH or write to the support email so you can get a quick answer.

BTW, check your credit card, maybe is has been blocked.

23-10-2015, 10:37

My automatic renewal has failed!

Account: sa274368-ovh

Renew should have happened yesterday! Please process automatic renewal so my server doesn't get suspend!

Thank you