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Game Server Order

29-10-2015, 10:14
My order (#44098254) was placed 7 days ago with a "72 hour" wait time expected.

I sent a support ticket on day 5 when I still had no server.. I got no reply.

24 Hours later I sent a reply on that support ticket (day 6)... still no reply from support.

Day 7, I called your support number listed on the website (

The number redirects to an indian call center who told me I had called the wrong number and I should call 020 3318 3832 instead. The exact number I called to reach them in the first place! I gave up trying to explain this to them, and called again only to be directed back to the same call center who told me again I called the wrong number then proceeded to give me the number I just used to call them!

I'm shocked at this terrible customer service, having been an OVH customer for 4 years I can say you used to handle things a lot better. Or maybe this is just your SYS spinoff that has terrible service?

In any case I ordered this server with an expectation it would be delivered in the time promised. It has now affected my business because it was not delivered on time. I would like to know:

1. Will my setup fee be refunded given my experience & your failure to set up in the time promised?
2. When will the server be delivered ?