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SYS nonexisting refund ! !

09-11-2015, 14:52
I see forum posting makes magic things... After 44 working days suddenly I received paypal refund notification.

06-11-2015, 19:24
Quote Originally Posted by Neil

I can see the refund has been approved and the payment has been returned.

Where do you see that Neil ? Where ? Give me the paypal transaction ID (not your internal ID) !! Because I didn't received any money back and that's for obvious reasons, please read the credit note from the link , Its called REFUND CANCELLED !

Neil, to be more explicit here is how it looks an authentic refunded note : You will notice 'cancelled' note beside each service, you will also notice the credit note name is "refundPaypal" - captured PDF -> ,all this informations cannot be found on the non refunded ns3279397 credit note,

I have this opened ticket [TICKET#2015092819012768] since 45 working days, I have provided all the need it information, Tom lied to me that he will refund me via bank transfer and then he changed his mind. This is not fair play from OVH to lies his customers that the refund was made but with no proofs and then lie again that the refund its going to be made using bank transfer. I have presented all the required proofs that shows that the refund was canceled. I have no refund on my paypal account , I have called PayPal several times and they told me that you are trying to fool me. You gave me no proof that the refund was made, I need the paypal transaction ID to show it to PayPal but you don't have it because the refund was never made.

You make me think that someone from OVH/SYS billing dept or support is trying to make some money disappear by tricking some clients/OVH. Please proceed with investigation as I have given more then enough proofs.

02-11-2015, 12:54

I can see the refund has been approved and the payment has been returned.

30-10-2015, 11:29

I have ordered one server on 25 Sept and asked for refund on 28 Sept and they confirmed that the refund will be made for my order. I have asked serveral times over one ticket to refund me faster but they just ignored me, for this reason I have opened paypal dispute for the payment, after a few days OVH blocked all my payments to them because of the dispute so I closed the dispute immediately to keep my other servers alive. On 23 Oct I have received one credit note from OVH where it say the refund was canceled so I reopened the ticket asking for the refund because my paypal account didn't received any refund. Since then someone from staff called "Tom" keep saying that the founds are no longer on their paypal accounts and they advice me to contact PayPal. I have called PayPal several times and they told there is no refund for the payment, they also told me that due to closed paypal case I would not be able to open another case or escalate the transaction and OVH is taking advantage of it.

So right now even if I have refund request ticket approval, OVH decide it to cancel the refund and they send it to me refund cancellation note and now they keep misinform me that the refund was made.

Credit note

Refund request

Paypal transaction status

Server ns3279397
ORDER 43028405
Paypal Transaction ID #4XN96488US780322W