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Usin an IP for a VM

02-11-2015, 12:57

You can use the IPs on VMs, see


31-10-2015, 14:12
I run hyper-v on my SYS server, with a few VM's setup with a virtual 'internal switch' for them to communicate. The host then has ICS (windwo sbuilt in NAT) enabled to allow the VM's internet access.

I bought an additional IP (failover IP) thinking I could configure a hyper-v virtual 'external switch' and put this IP onto one of the VM's

However it appears I was wrong, I didn't get any routing information (netmask / gateway) and i read up you just add the IP as a second IP on the host machine to use it there.

Is there any way I can use my new failover IP on one of my VM's instead of the host ?