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HTTP access Blocked!!!! :/

05-11-2015, 21:40

im trying to write calm, which is something im not at all at the moment, due tot he fact that in the space of 2/3 months is already the second time that my websites (I have several hosted on OVH under same package) are made down, blocked!!! Its impossible to be able to rely on this OVH service cause I never know when is it gonna be blocked again.
Im using simply wordpress and all pages are updated! Also, all plugins I use, very few actually, are all official and are all updated as well!

Not being a pro user in terms of code and databases, etc. makes that everything is way too much hard to solve by myself....and having to pay 20 pounds for having some admin look into it seems to me like a crazy amount of money, specially considering that im already paying for a service on a year basis!

Anyway...can anyone help me out on this? I have already changed permission of WWW to 705 (via Filezilla) and still, websites are all down!!

My product is

Here the mail I got from OVH just this morning. I replied immediately to it but got no answer whole day, which means...websites offline/down whole day as well!!

Please someone help me out on this sorry for my "tone" specially on my first post on the forum pretty much tired of this issues with OVH and im seriously thinking in changing the service to another provider more user friendly. What clients want from a hosting service is....that keeps the websites online at all costs and not offline for this and that.

Dear Sir / Madam,

Our monitoring system (Okillerd) has detected a prohibited operation on your website.

Details related to this operation are as follows:

Problem encountered: Executing deleted program
Printed command-line: ././crond
Real program: /homez.627/culturemp/www/afonsoribeiroDE/wp-content/cache/.nfs0000000005e50ed800023c0e
Date: 2015-11-05 09:35:32

This is not allowed on our servers given that it may be associated with a hacking attempt.

If you are not responsible for this program, it may mean
that your website has been affected by lowered security measures
and that the hacker has used it to launch an attack.

We have blocked web access to your hosting to prevent any other
hacking attempts.

You can connect to your FTP in order to correct this situation.
Think about updating all the CMS that you may use, like phpBB, phpnuke...

What to do?

Consult our help guides found here:

Once the problem is resolved, you can reactivate your web access
by modifying the permissions of your "www" directory
(use this command to proceed: chmod 705 www)

You can also contact our support team if you have not managed
to do this operation successfully yourself. Please remember that our
technicians cannot help you find the vulnerability in your
system. This kind of help requires an administrator and is not a part of the free help service.