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Order delayed ?

07-11-2015, 14:24
I am waiting for my dedi server to come online too only 1 hour till it should be up

07-11-2015, 10:36
I recommend you to just wait, because the other options are difficult tasks. The chances of automation doing this now are almost impossible because once the commercial team would release the order, only then would the automation have permission to activate the server.

You could just buy a linux VPS, and transfer your backups over to that until your dedicated server is ready, if you are worried that your old node is going to expire resulting in data loss.

Hope this helps.

06-11-2015, 22:33
I need a dedicated server up and running this weekend, I was hoping to do it tonight and be running by morning, all my data is compressed and ready to transfer, but nowhere for it to go!

I placed an order for an enterprise server (64gb RAM 2x2tb and 2x300gb ssd) the availability was 4 hours.
I paid for this and it was in the status 'payment will be processed manually, it stayed like this so i rang them up at 5:40pm knowing the commercial team in the UK close at 6pm until Monday.

The person on the phone told me the payment has gone through fine, and a server has been selected for use, its just waiting for someone to add the option to it (2 x 300gb ssd i presume) this is why its a 4 hour wait and not a 120 second server.
They say I will have it by 10pm tonight (uk time). I'm very happy by all this, thank them and hang up.

After getting off the phone I checked my order status it changed to Your order was paid on 06/11/2015 a 17:51:28 - Your order is in progress. Looking good!

its now 10:25pm, no sign of the server yet and the status is still the same, worrying as I need this server quite urgently.

I rang OVH on a 24/7 number and spoke to a French man (who spoke good English) presumably at a datacenter he was not a part or anything to do with the commercial team (020 3384 2356)

He was happy to help as much as he could, I gave him the order number, he checked and said it was still with the commercial team and I will have to ring them on Monday, there is a chance it will automatically get released over weekend, but I may have to get back to them Monday.

This is a stark contract to 'a server has been assigned and we are waiting for the engineer to add the extra hardware options' and very worrying.

I have 3 options

1) Wait, be patient, hope it will be ready in time for me to get it up and running
2) Order a different server with 120 second availability on the site. However I fear being stuck in the same position with this!
3) Find a different provider and order a similar server with them.

Options 2 and 3 leave me chasing a refund for this server from OVH which when I read up is not an easy task.

Can anyone offer any advice, or anyone at OVH who can help me ? (order 44868822)

Thanks in advance.