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Help installing Ghost Module

08-11-2015, 22:22
After a while searching, I just found out OVH hosting with nothing pre-installed.
Unfortunately, I hadn't realised that before purchasing a hosting package.
Anyway, moving past that I have been trying to install Ghost or configure OVH to avail of ghost or however works best.
I have tried following this tutorial - as it says - "The installation procedure is the same for every module in OVH. You may see the manual here"
and apply it to Ghost.
Unfortunately, to follow it, I have to go to the old customer interface.
When I do follow it, the page says
Manage modules

La gestion des modules n'est plus disponible via le managerV3, mais directement via votre nouvel espace client ( manager V6 ).
Which translates as 'use manager v6'.
But I cannot find where the manage modules section is in Manager v6.

Following the setup guide from THIS PAGE
This is blank -

Sorry if I sound a little vexed, it has taken most of my day to figure out that OVH is not user friendly, and is not for me. But with little chance of me getting a refund, I'm stuck with it.
I should have done some research, - my own fault.

Ideally, I would just like to install Ghost, login, add new post, log out (Ironically, I chose Ghost because of it's simplicity.).
Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.