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Cant Log into OVH Manager with details emailed to me

16-11-2015, 15:43
If you have a server on KS, you can only use the KS CP. OVH Manager is intended only for customers who bough products with OVH brand.

Also, some of the options you see in OVH but not in KS are related to options that KS servers don't have, such as multiple IPs, USB, Backup Storage, and more.

16-11-2015, 14:05
I ordered a dedicated server from Kimsufi and they sent me an email telling me i could login to the managment portal by clicking the following https://www.ovh.ie/managerv3 and entering my NIC/password.

When i go to this URL it redirects to a generic login page. This doesnt accept the password/username and also wont let me reset the password.

I went to the kimsufi website and i could login to the CP there, but it has hardly any functionality compared to the OVH panel. How do i get this to work?