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24-11-2015, 16:26
We had a very busy, lively forum then too.

Daniel OVH
19-11-2015, 21:57
Yes I remember those, when men were men and horses were horses. The schoolkids would gather at the local landlord's mansion each contributing four bags of coal in a horse and cart. They would fire up the boilers till the mechanical computer got up as far as 88Hz at which time they would start playing titles like Doom 0 and Initial Fantasy (loaded in through punched sheets of papyrus or clay). Sound was from a piano with some rods attached and the display was a grid of cubes on spindles which 4 sides painted in different colours. There were only 256 IP addresses in existence this time. The computer would only be run in the depth of winter unless there was urgent business like a war or a famine or a plague and numbers needed to be crunched. The kids had no interest in this type of indoorsy activity anyway during the summer - too busy tending to their livestock, picking strawberries, churning butter and frollicking in the rolling hills of the English countryside.

18-11-2015, 19:33
I've noticed some people with RPS on their profiles, anyone remember the RPS? The good old days