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Are you even there!?

29-12-2015, 10:03


Can you provide me with your order number or NIC account? I will check the status of your order


I have replied to your email thread on:



28-12-2015, 16:20
This is the exact situation I am in.

27-11-2015, 10:32
And where is somebody from official ovh account?

19-11-2015, 20:53
Quote Originally Posted by alvaroag
If this was your first order, you may need to validate your account.
They didn't validate me they just took the money. I got a ticket about 3 hours ago asking if i wanted to cancel the order. I said yes because the money was already back on my credit card

19-11-2015, 16:33
If this was your first order, you may need to validate your account.

19-11-2015, 13:30
My credit card company charged it back under chargeback scheme (items under 100) This has to be done within 120 days I think but the citizens advice website says that there is no time limit for a claim under 100 to be put in. So you can do this within minutes of making the order if, like me you want to cancel.

I would advice everyone to do this and not accept any 14 or 30 day bull****.

19-11-2015, 12:31
I just called 0207 357 6616 and was told you are open 9am-6pm. I was then given the option of option 1 talking to the commercial team or option 2 talking about a technical issue.

WHERE is the option to speak about orders and billing? Considering this is the number you give under the Orders,Billing menu this is stupid.

My ticket is 3 days unanswered. My server is 5 days undelivered (much more than 72 hours) and I am pissed off. My credit card company will get involved in 9 days if I don't hear from you and they will charge it back. I don't care what you think of me as a result, because I can assure you it's nothing compared to what I think of you!

I also called 0207 378 7699 and got a woman who had no idea what i wanted and she just passed me around the office.

OVH - what a mistake!