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VPS very slow in I/O speed and CPU performance

22-11-2015, 23:10
Seems strange that an SSD VPS would be like this, they're generally quite reliable.

Have you opened an incident ticket, it's entirely possible that someone on the node is abusing resources.

22-11-2015, 22:16
A simple test: put this script on your web server, and then invoke it from a browser:

function rutime($ru, $rus, $index) {
return ($ru["ru_$index.tv_sec"]*1000 + intval($ru["ru_$index.tv_usec"]/1000)) - ($rus["ru_$index.tv_sec"]*1000 + intval($rus["ru_$index.tv_usec"]/1000));
$ru = getrusage();
echo "This process used " . rutime($ru, $rustart, "utime") . " ms for its computations\n";
echo "It spent " . rutime($ru, $rustart, "stime") . " ms in system calls\n";?>
Then check the end of the document. If you see it low, then it's not a real performance problem, as phpinfo() take most of its data from memory. Consider it can also be a network problem.

Also, following the same line as Criot, it's important to note that the old OpenVZ-based VPS Classic, which were available just a few months ago, can have serious performance problems, because all the CTs on the same node share resources and are usually overloaded.

22-11-2015, 22:15
Quote Originally Posted by criot
what type of vps do you have?
vps 2016 ssd 1

22-11-2015, 17:26
What type of VPS do you have?

22-11-2015, 13:25
My VPS is very slow in I/O speed and CPU performance - my webpages are taking forever to load and even rebooting it is taking stupidly long!