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Live HLS streaming through CDN

27-11-2015, 05:51
Do you have a specific video guide process work?

23-11-2015, 15:01
Hi, I've tried playing a live HLS video stream through the CDN and while it does work, the "hit" rate for video blocks is quite low.
The CDN passes through most of the client requests to the origin server because they are mostly simultaneous.

Can the CDN be configured to pass through only one or two requests to the orgin server? (forcing additional requests to wait until the first request has pulled the block into the cache)
In Nginx the config parameter is "proxy_cache_lock"

This is how Amazon's cloudfront works for live HLS streaming.

Without this feature it isn't really possible to use the OVH CDN for live video. (maybe you don't want it used for live video and that would be ok, but I'd like to know)