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Pre-sales questions

28-11-2015, 19:38
I'm not part of OVH staff, but I think I can answer your questions.

1. IE website shows prices in Euros, while UK website shows prices in GBP, that's while the amount in GBP is lower than the one in EUR. However, if you convert currencies, you will see that the prices in GBP are actually higher than the ones in EUR. For example, a server in IE which costs €30 costs 25, but €30, at current exchange rate, equals about 21.14. Both IE and UK website exclude taxes.

The website you can sign in and purchase in depends on your country of residence. UK website is meant only for citizens of the UK, while other websites are available for residents of another countries. You can check the whole Country -> Website list here: when the list is for OVH, should be almost the same for SYS; if the site does not exists(replacing "ovh" with "soyoustart"), then you should place your order at IE.

2. No, that only includes the server setup fee; you will have to pay the setup fee for the additional IP addresses you may require.

3. No, there isn't.

4. You can get VAT exemption according to the law of the OVH country you order in(Irish law if you order to OVH/SYS IE). I'm not really sure about Ireland, but I think, as all the EU countries, you can get full VAT exemption. The VAT exemption will be set to your account after you validate it, before you can pay for your first order.

5. They have 4 locations: Roubaix(FR), Strasbourgh(FR), Gravelines(FR), and Beauharnois(CA). They also have some DCs in Paris, but they do not setup dedicated servers on those. The total DC count is: 3 in Paris, 1 in Gravelines, 6 in Roubaix, 3 in Strasbourgh, and 2 in Beauharnois; they also have on under construction in Gravelines, another one in Strasbourgh, and a third one in Beauharnois. That would make a total of 18 datacenters. I think some of the "under construction" ones have already been completed. You can see the full list at

6. If you are outside the EU, you should see no difference among the french datacenters. Inside the EU, you may notice some difference, but not too much.

If your server is intended for access from North & South America, the Canadian datacenters should be a better option.

7. There is an automated speed test here: You can choose the server you want to test the speed against. You can also try downloading test files with these links:


28-11-2015, 15:12

I'm looking into signing up for an E3-SAT-1 dedicated server.
I have several questions for which I couldn't find answers.

1. When I use the English site (UK flag), when I get to the account creation page, the only country I can choose is UK. This is not good for me as I do not reside in the UK. When I try to change the language/country to "World/EU", I get the Irish flag and I can select any country in the account setup. However the price is more expensive when under World/Ireland flag. What is going on? How can I sign-up with the UK price and still choose the correct country?

2. During setup I'm offered to pre-pay for a year and avoid the setup fee. Does this include the setup fee for IP addresses? (As I understand the 16 "included" IP addresses are subject to per-IP setup fee).

3. Is there a money back guarantee preiod, ie. get full refund if I'm not satisfied for any reason?

4. I reside outside the EU and I'm not an EU citizen, so I'm exempt from VAT. If I pre-pay for a year, how do I get refund for VAT?

5. The "About" page claims that SYS/OVH has 17 data centers, however when clicking on the link only 4 are listed. Where are all the other data centers?

6. During sign-up there's an option to have the server allocated in Roubaix (RBX) or the first slot available in any of the other data centers in Europe. Is any of the data centers better than the others?

7. Are there test IPs and download links for the various data centers?