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Debian Jessie Template leaving behind OVH user folder

03-12-2015, 13:29

it's fixed, thanks for the feedback.
And I can confirm it didn't have any security impact, as the user has properly been deleted, just the "skeleton" files remained.

Best regards,

01-12-2015, 23:13
Seems to be a problem with both OVH Kernel template and Default Kernel.

30-11-2015, 01:16
Probably just a not important bug from when they made the template. To ensure it has no security impact, check if /etc/passwd has some OVH user

29-11-2015, 20:17
Just to let staff know, the Debian Jessie installer is leaving behind a /home/OVH folder.

Probably a remnant from the install script?

EDIT: Seems to be only a problem with the OVH kernel version template.