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Domain Name Transfer

25-04-2016, 15:05
Hi. First, you must create an OVH account. Go to , and click on "Create your account". After creating it, write down your ID, you will need it.

Then, the current owner must login to the OVH Manager: . Inside the OVH Manager, go to Domains (on the left), click on the domain name, then on "More+" (on the right), then "Manage Contacts". You will see the "Manage Contacts" page, where you will see at least one category for the domain ("Domain"), which is the one which has to be transferred. Click on the edit icon (pen) to the right of the row, and then write the new ID (buyer) on the three fields (Admin, Tech, and Billing). Click on the check to save the changes. After that, it's possible the seller may have to confirm the changes by email. Also, the buyer can be required to do so.

03-12-2015, 10:27
Hi all, looking for some assistance in having a domain transferred to someone else as the new owner....

I am the buyer and another person is the seller, the domain is registered with OVH. We are currently using for both mine and the sellers security.

Me or the seller has no experience in domain name transfer and would like to know exactly what we need to do. From my research the seller needs to transfer the admin details and email to mine and give me control of the domain (how does that happen?) - does just doing this mean that it is mine?

I can then change the domain to a registrar of my choice. the seller has already unlocked the domain and is in receipt of the EEC code.

Thanks in advance for any help.