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soyoustart sells servers for only UK users ?

03-12-2015, 22:00 is the website available only for UK citizens and residents. There are other SYS websites, each one accepting customers from different countries.

To know which country you should purchase, go to the SYS website, any of them. Click on the flag on the top right corner, and you will see the list. If your country appears on the list, clik on it., you have 4 options:

- Latinamerican countries can order at both and
- Brazilian countries can order at
- Non-listed european countries may preffer to order at, as it uses Euro
- Other international customers can order at and, depending on which currency influence.

03-12-2015, 20:47

I interest order a server from soyoustart website. In signup page , we can choose only UK . Why ?