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Can't install stock Ubuntu 14.04 kernel on HOST-32L

03-04-2016, 22:20
Just in case somebody bumps into same problem - here is step-by-step solution:

07-12-2015, 16:37
2 hints:
- instead of the driver from you can also use the one from
- after replacing ubuntu's ixgbe.ko with your freshly compiled one, don't forget to update the initramfs: update-initramfs -tuk $(uname -r)

Also, keep in mind that you might have to repeat those steps after each ubuntu kernel update, until they include a more recent version of the ixgbe driver.

hope this helps,

06-12-2015, 01:45
Alrighty, looks like I got this working. I installed the stock kernel (for Ubuntu that's `linux-image-generic`), moved the OVH kernel grub entry to somewhere else (that's `/etc/grub.d/06_OVHkernel`) so that the new generic image is used instead. Make sure you have `build-essential` installed, and the headers for your kernel (`linux-headers-generic`). Download the latest ixgbe drivers from sourceforge (I know, I know...), extract them. If you reboot now, you will lose access to your server, so you must use IPMI in the OVH control panel to regain access to your server. When you have this working move into the ixgbe folder, go to the src folder, run make clean, make, then make install. then modprobe ixgbe, and you should be good to go then after another reboot (hopefully).

05-12-2015, 17:03
I've tried a fair few things here, but I'm no sysadmin, and I cannot get this working. The reason I need to get this working is because I use Docker, and I can't use AUFS without the stock kernel, crippling the performance.

I've tried installing the stock kernel and updating grub, tried installing 4.2 kernel and updating grub, tried looking into ixgbe but didn't really get anywhere with it because I just don't know what to do with it. In the end I've just returned to the OVH kernel so I can at least use the server in the mean-time.

Does anybody have any idea how to install a stock kernel, and boot successfully back into Ubuntu after doing so on the new OVH hosting range? I'm on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS.

I've only had this server since last night, if there's no way of doing this, is it possible for me to get a refund?