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Dedicated Server With SSD

31-01-2016, 13:47
Be careful Server EX51 says "Guaranteed Bandwidth 1 Gbit/s" but this is not REAL GUARANTEED.
Unfortunately you can not complain, it is an "Up To" 1 Gbps see:

Speedtest results:

25-12-2015, 00:39
No... at those costs, the fair comparison is brand new hardware from hetzner to used older generation hardware from SYS, also while the CPU on SYS might be server grade the RAM is just bog standard consumer grade RAM, negating the benefit of having a server grade CPU, if you compare Hetzner to OVH then the comparison goes even more in favour of Hetzner based on a cost/performance ratio.

Having said all that, SYS/OVH benefits still keep me in their camp, OVH have a fantastic network, and as long as you dont have any hardware issues it's hard to beat, woe betide you if you have hardware issues though from the horrific examples on the forum, though I doubt Hetzner would be much better, you get what you pay for.

The 30TB bandwidth limit rules out Hetzner for me as my site currently does about 70TB a month, though about half of that is currently served by cloudflare, but if I stopped using cloudflare for some reason that would be an issue

24-12-2015, 14:51
Quote Originally Posted by Kode
Those server offerings smoke what SYS has to offer though
You're comparing SYS to Hetzner direct, of course Hetzner is going to be better because those are the latest, newest offers. I'm not defending SYS in any way, however, if you're going to make comparisons, at least make fair comparisons. SYS is used, older generation hardware at a cheaper cost, where as OVH is the latest technologies and hardware, so you need to compare OVH to Hetzner, and SYS to Hetzner 'Serverbidding' - That would be a fair comparison.

Additionally remember that those specific offers are again consumer based hardware, so the hardware is cheaper to purchase and therefore cheaper for you to rent, SYS is server grade hardware, again, you have to be fair in your comparisons, it's like comparing a Vauxhall to a Jaguar, you wouldn't, because it isn't a fair comparison.

24-12-2015, 13:48
Those server offerings smoke what SYS has to offer though

17-12-2015, 20:19
Quote Originally Posted by spiderindo
Hope SYS provides DDR4 and SATA 500 GB as well.
Don't forget 1 Gbps and expand to 32 IPs.
DDR4 is only supported by the latest generation of processors, SoYouStart gets the processors previously used on OVH ranges, and considering that OVH itself only got the latest processors a few months back, it'll be quite some time before SYS gets them.

17-12-2015, 14:48
Hope SYS provides DDR4 and SATA 500 GB as well.
Don't forget 1 Gbps and expand to 32 IPs.

17-12-2015, 09:12
Don't forget Hetzner also have setup fees and the hardware isn't server grade, it's consumer grade, so that needs to be considered as well. There are many reasons that you could go with OVH over Hetzner, and vice versa, it's all about personal preference, if SYS isn't offering what you require then you should look elsewhere, either at OVH directly or look elsewhere completely.

OVH isn't exactly small company and they aren't really going to feel the pain over one customer not purchasing, SYS cannot cope with demand, so you saying you're not going to purchase is probably a good thing, they can sell the server to someone else just as easily!

17-12-2015, 06:14
No, I'm not advertising for a particular site
I think this is going to throw you to understand your partners in progress, but you have remained constant

If i want to advertising to that site, i dont used server from soyoustart for one year here

16-12-2015, 23:27
I don't think that the OVH forum is the right place to make advertising for Hetzner....

16-12-2015, 21:41

Have you visited your site new servers colleague?

See this:

for new year where multiple servers are provided with technical specifications and price are good for new.

but you have removed a server with 300GB SSD disk for few months in soyoustart!

I'm used your server since last year, but now with the current status and the lack of server features and favorable price you'd rather your partner site server empty...