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Move to vRack

08-01-2016, 23:51
You can create a vRack even without having dedicated servers, but you won't be able to add your server to the vRack if it does not have the additional NIC. Only the Infraestructure, Hosting, and Big Data have the additional NIC connected.

08-01-2016, 20:50
vRack can also be created for Enterprise servers. I've got Enterprise server and just created vRack.

19-12-2015, 22:27
nervermind... I found it... My server are Enterprise instead Infrastructure... Only Infrastructure can use vRack...


19-12-2015, 17:55
You don't move the OS to the vRack. What you move to the vRack is the server itself, and that's basically an operation equivalent to connecting a cable to a switch.

You can do that in your Manager. Go to Dedicated(On the upper bar) -> Network(On the left) -> "vRack(private network)"-> select your vRack, there should be only one. Then, click your server on the list to the left ("Your services") and click on "Add >". That will make it go to the list on the right ("Your vRack"). The change may take some minutes to take effect. After that, you can use the vRack interface, which normally should be "eth1" under Linux.

19-12-2015, 00:40

I have a Dedicated Server with an already OS installed. And now I create a vRack. Can I move my OS to the vRack or I need re-install it?