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Multiple IPs inside a VMWare host

26-12-2015, 18:04
The distribution of such materials does not affect host?

20-12-2015, 02:47
When creating a vMAC to the second IP, you should select to use an existing vMAC, and then select the previously created vMAC. That way, you have two IPs on the same interface and one single gateway for both IP addresses.

19-12-2015, 22:56

I have a Dedicated Server running VMware ESXi 6.0. Inside this VM I have a Linux Server. How I can configure more than one IP on the same interface of this Linux Server? On Failover IP, I need create a virtual MAC? When I do it, each IP receive a different virtual MAC. How I can use more than one MAC Address inside same VMWare interface?

So, I need route more than one Failover IP for the same Interface on a Linux Server inside a VMWARE ESXi of a dedicated server.