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Can't order server

24-12-2015, 19:46
They've been asking for ID for a few years now, yet they still use email to request sensitive documents? I don't get it.

You'd think they'd at least modify their control panels for uploading these instead, as least it's 99% more secure than email... Like, someone creates an account, while it's pending, instruct them to upload the required documents via special section of the control panels... Then staff can get notified, check their account, and approve it... Is it that hard?

23-12-2015, 17:52
That may be because your account is not yet validated. You have to send a proof of identity(ID, driving license, passport, or equivalent) and proof of address(public service bill) to or , depending which OVH website you are planning to order from.

23-12-2015, 16:43

Since Monday I've being trying to order a server, but I always get an error my account does not exist.
Support is no use, they always tell me to upload documents or some such but never tell me HOW?

I guess new customers should guess how to work your system.