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1650v3 with 64 GB DDR4?

26-12-2015, 01:18
Yes, it's available under the Infrastructure range, but it isn't much cheaper than the 128GB RAM version on the Enterprise range, because Infrastructure benefits from the vRack included by default and also generally larger disk capacities when compared to the Enterprise range.

25-12-2015, 06:51
Would it be possible to get that configuration in OVH? I know that earlier OVH used to offer 1650 with 64G but now that configuration has moved to SYS. I have been a SYS customer earlier and now an OVH customer. I would definitely like to see that configuration back in OVH as I need those free additional IPs and KVMoIP. If I include the additional monthly cost for the IPs and KVMoIP in SYS it gets out of my budget.

I am sure there are many others who need that hex-core without the 128G of RAM.